Session Description

EarthLightEach soul session is tailored to the unique needs of you and your child.

Sessions may include:

*Soul Family Portrait:   Learn about your soul family and “home world”, as well as that of your child, and identify the unique soul gifts you are each here on Earth to share, so you can understand and support each other more fully.

*Soul Clearing: Clear all that no longer serves you and/or your child in your Akashic Records, so that each of you can move forward with a “fresh slate.”

*Soul Transformation:    Identify the root, soul-level cause of any challenge and clear it at its point of origin.  Whether the challenge you are addressing is mental, emotional, physical, or circumstantial, addressing the underlying soul factors involved is crucial to really “get to the bottom” of the situation and to lay the foundation for permanent shift.

*”Home World” Soul Journeys:  In a guided process, travel to your “home world” and/or that of your child, and learn how to bring that sense of “soul home” into your Earth home, so you can both feel more “at home” here.

*Customized “Soul Treasure” Journey In a guided process, travel to where your soul longs to go right now, and bring back a helpful soul “treasure” for your family “treasure chest,” so that you feel clearly and richly supported with your child.

Sessions can be customized for anyone who feels called, including:

*Expectant parents:  Begin connecting with and “paving the way” for your child.  Gift your child with a soul clearing in utero, so he/she can start this earth incarnation with a “fresh slate”!

*Parents of children with special needs:   Learn about your child’s unique contribution to this planet and receive valuable support and guidance.

*Teachers, child therapists, anyone who loves children:  Get clear on how to help the children in your life shine… while shining yourself!

*Adults who identify as “Starborn Kids”:  Whether or not you have children now,
come receive the support you longed to have as a child, and begin reaping the benefits in your life today!

NOTE:  While sessions including a child can occur, initial sessions are always with the parent(s)/guardian(s) first.