Valentine’s Day 2015: “100 Messages of Love”

Saturday, February 14th, 2015


© 2015 By Cynthia Starborn

Yesterday, while visiting a local school, I climbed a staircase where the walls had been decorated with one hundred positive messages, in honor of the 100th Day of School. With joy, I feasted on a cornucopia of nourishing messages, such as:

“You can do it!”

“You are a super star!”

“I love you.”

“You are the best friend ever.”

“I like it when you smile.”

In an instance of true serendipity, my visit on February 13th coincided with the 100th Day of School, with classroom Valentine’s Day parties, and with Self-Love Day, a global day of celebration founded by Christine Arylo and devoted to loving ourselves.

The students who wrote these one hundred messages were certainly expressing the essence of Love. And I found it perfect that they chose to decorate a staircase with their loving words, for in order to rise into a new level of expansion and learning in our lives, we often must rise into a new level of loving ourselves.

When I got home, I felt inspired to decorate my home with one hundred positive messages, too. At first, I thought it might take a long time to write that many; however, the words easily flowed into well over a hundred affirmations, and I realized I was going to have to get creative about where to put them all.

I am delighting now at finding loving words everywhere I look in my home: on the walls, on the furniture, on my altar, even on the outside of tea boxes and storage containers. This brings an element of magic to daily life, as well as an easy way to receive inspiration anytime a challenge arises.

Beloved readers, I encourage all of you to do this uplifting exercise in your home, office, school, or other sacred space. If you have kids, get them involved, and include pictures, too! Allow yourself and your loved ones to experience the transformative power of seeing a hundred (or more!) positive messages, over and over, each day.

May Love be everywhere we look. May Love be all that we see, all that we hear, and all that we are. And may we love ourselves and one another, each and every day. Namaste.


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Star-023CYNTHIA STARBORN is an intuitive soul guide and teacher and a channel for the children. Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, Cynthia offers transformative classes, events, and private consultations to help you and your children tap into your unique genius and shine.

Valentine’s Day 2015: “Building LEGO Hearts”

Saturday, February 14th, 2015


©2015 By Cynthia Starborn


Yesterday I had the joy of helping out at a Valentine’s Day party for a first-grade class.  After the students exchanged Valentines, they had the opportunity to choose from a variety of special activities, from cookie-decorating, to painting, to jump-roping.  I was invited to sit at a table with a big plastic bin of LEGO’s and to support those students who opted to build LEGO hearts.

The students in my small group quickly began designing and creating their own hearts, of various colors and sizes. Amazed by the skill of these young LEGO engineers, I warmly cheered them on and welcomed each new creation.

At some point, inspired by the children’s creativity, I decided to build a LEGO heart of my own. As I was digging through the LEGO bin, I came across a small plastic door. I thought it would be perfect to have a door in my heart, and spent several minutes trying to install it. However, this door was not a LEGO, and try as I might, I could not find a way to attach it.

“I guess this door doesn’t fit,” I finally said out loud.

The students looked up at me quizzically, and then went back to work.

I realized how silly I must have looked, trying to fit a plastic piece that clearly wasn’t a LEGO into my LEGO heart.

Then I realized, perhaps it also doesn’t “fit,” on a symbolic level, for me to try to add a door to my inner heart, to try to add something that can open, but also close. Perhaps just being in my heart, purely connected to Love, is meant to be enough.

In a few minutes, when it was time to clean up, students put their finished LEGO hearts on the table, and I added my heart to theirs—no doors, no windows, just a simple green heart next to hearts of all different colors and sizes. A girl who had been doing another activity came by, saw all our hearts lined up in a row on the table, and quickly attached all the hearts to one another.

“Wow!” I thought, marveling at her deep wisdom in interconnecting everything, and creating unity out of diversity.

As the students began enjoying some Valentine’s Day goodies, I savored the sweet treat of being able to LEGO-engineer a new heart, a new paradigm, a new world with these wise old souls in young bodies.

In this time of global transition, as we construction-workers of the New Earth step forward to collaborate on the special projects that are calling our souls, may we easily let go of whatever doesn’t “fit” in our hearts, whatever doesn’t match the pure blueprint of Love. May we easily connect with resonant hearts, resonant builders, around us, so that we can form a strong, intergenerational “construction crew,” with diverse gifts unified by a shared commitment. And like the children in this first-grade class, may we celebrate, always, the co-creative power and sweet treats of Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Star-023CYNTHIA STARBORN is an intuitive soul guide and teacher and a channel for the children. Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, Cynthia offers transformative classes, events, and private consultations to help you and your children tap into your unique genius and shine.

New Years’ Day Poem 2015

Thursday, January 1st, 2015


Dedicated to New Possibilities


The blank page beckons like fresh watermelon,

rich and ripe,

ready to be sculpted

into juicy morsels of joy.

Meanwhile, the ghosts of chapters past

try to lure me, one more time,

into their saccharine dramas

 and artificial flavors of fear.

For a moment, I look back

at the pages and pages of pain

that I have overcome.

I light a candle in their memory,

then burn them, one by one,

and sprinkle their ashes

on my garden.

It is time, now, for the phoenix to rise,

time for the new day to dawn,

time to harvest a cornucopia

 of watermelon.

Looking up, I meet the eyes of the blank page before me,

the eyes that ask me to commit to this new story

 and this new story alone,

and slipping my hand

into the hand of a loving universe,

I say out loud, “I do.”

Together, we walk down the aisle of a sunlit chapel,

as sacred stanzas, yet unborn, stir within my womb.

And at the reception, in the garden,

I pick up a golden pen,

while my Beloved cradles my hand,

and together, we begin to carve sculptures

 of watermelon bliss.


Bon appétit, dear friends.

As we toast this new chapter,

may we savor the luscious fruits of love


© Cynthia Starborn 2015

 NOTE TO THE READER:  When I felt called to birth this poem, I started writing without knowing where it was all going.   Both literally and symbolically, I encourage you to get out a piece of paper and start writing the next chapter (or stanza) of your life, too.  You never know where it will lead!  In any case, whatever new adventure we each feel inspired to co-create, may we all stay “wedded” to the magic of new possibilities.  Cheers!

Writing Exercise: “Happy New Year, Happy New Story”

Thursday, January 1st, 2015


© Cynthia Starborn 2015


1.  First, on a piece of scrap paper, write down all the old stories that you wish to let go of.  Then, find a way to symbolically release these old stories, perhaps by shredding the paper, recycling it, burning it, etc.

2.  Next, on a fresh sheet of paper, or perhaps in a beautiful new journal,  write down the new stories you intend to co-create from this point forward.  Focus on the archetypal “essence” of these new stories, the feeling sensation of generating tales of love, joy, abundance, and so forth, rather than the linear details of how this will all happen.  Leave space for the mystery of life to unfold, while being clear on the intention you intend to hold!

3.    Last but not least, commit to one daily practice you can do to anchor your new stories. Whether you choose to journal, meditate, pray, commune with nature, do conscious breathing, or do something else that works for you, find a way to bring regular, conscious focus to your deepest intention.   Once you have decided on your daily practice, write it down and/or share it out loud with someone so that you can hold yourself accountable and can more easily stay on track!


Happy New Year 2015!

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Dear Soul Friends,

Blessings for a magical New Year!

iStockNewYear_000031208272LargeAs we enter into 2015, may you give yourself permission to turn the page on all that has come before, and start fresh.  Focus on releasing old stories, and writing new ones.  You are the author of your life, and today marks the beginning of a new chapter!

Inspired by my friend and colleague Linda Cordes, author and creator of RED Hot Teaching, I have started a daily practice of journaling in the morning about my intention for the day, and then journaling in the evening about all the ways in which my intention positively unfolded.  These daily written exercises help me to stay “on track” with my intention throughout the day, and to acknowledge every positive sign emerging…which of course, paves the way for even more “deliciousness” to flow.

How will you go about creating your new story in 2015?

  • For a helpful tool, click here for my “Happy New Year, Happy New Story writing exercise.
  • For some creative inspiration, click here for a poem I wrote called “The Blank Page.”
  • For soulful support, feel free to sign up for an intuitive session based on the Akashic Records, to help you and your loved ones clear old patterns and have a fresh slate of creation for 2015, and beyond.

I wish you and your family much joy, abundance, and love in 2015, and always!

Happy New Year, Happy New Story!


Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide, Teacher, and Scribe

Give yourself the gift of self-love

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

love_ambassador_icon230x230We all know that children thrive when given love to grow. Yet do we give that love to ourselves, first and foremost? Today, on the International Day of Self Love (founded by Christine Arylo, author of Madly in Love with Me), I invite you to join me in committing to the practice of self-love, so that we can strengthen the inner foundation upon which all our outer relationships are built.

Please read the article below, and share with anyone who might benefit from the gift of self-love.  To be informed of future blogs and offerings, subscribe here.  Namaste!



By Cynthia Starborn


Published on the International Day of Self-Love

February 13, 2014

I always love seeing the magic children create when they draw.  Rainbows and suns start to brighten even the cloudiest of days… Space-ships begin soaring through the stars, on an important galactic mission…A dog wags his tail, panting, ready to leap through the page and into your lap…Yes, anything is possible, when a child’s creativity is unleashed.

One day, a child’s drawing helped me unlock a door to my heart.

I had been called in to sub in a local after-school program.   With my unique business, filled with both subbing and doing private intuitive readings, I had had a very full day already, and that morning I had gotten stuck in unexpectedly-heavy traffic and arrived a few minutes late to an appointment.   Although everything had worked out, and although I had arrived at this after-school program on time—in fact, although I usually arrived everywhere on time– a part of me was still feeling bad about myself, still judging myself for having been late earlier that day.

 I found myself feeling grateful for the peaceful routine and homey atmosphere of the after-care classroom.  As the children filed in, they picked up some apple slices for a snack, and then headed to the art tables, filled with blank paper, crayons, and markers. 

One first-grade boy, whom I’ll call Raphael, promptly began drawing trophies.  First he drew a trophy for his best friend Sean, and gave it to him, thanking him for all the fun they had together.  Then he drew a trophy for himself, because, as he said, “I love myself.” 

I marveled at the ease with which this seven-year-old boy, wise beyond his years, expressed love for others and for himself.   As an adult, I’ve had to work on opening the doors of my heart, and clearing away boxes of old stories that have been blocking the entrance for years, maybe even lifetimes.  In this moment, I was still punishing myself with a glaring red “tardy slip” posted on the door of my heart, reminding myself of some seemingly-unforgiveable transgression that morning.  And yet, here before me was a smiling young child with the doors of his heart flung wide open, unconditionally. 

 “Wow, how beautiful!” I said to Raphael, while looking at the big golden trophy he had created for himself.

 “Ms. Starborn,” he promptly responded, “you should make a trophy for yourself.”

A trophy for myself?  I hemmed and hawed.  I was used to cheering on other people, whether it was the children I worked with as a sub, or the private clients I met with for my intuitive readings and classes.  But applaud myself?  I wasn’t sure if that was even professional.  What would the other after-care teacher think if she saw me making myself a trophy?  Plus, I started thinking about that appointment I had been late to this morning.  I wasn’t sure that this was really a day to celebrate myself.   I wasn’t perfect, after all.

“Mmm,” I said to Raphael noncommittally, and tried to escape by walking over to the snack table to start cleaning up before outdoor play-time.

I told myself maybe I would make a trophy at home, out of view of anyone else, but somehow that evening, I just couldn’t bring myself to It, just couldn’t get away from my own critical “eye” that didn’t see myself as worthy of such a bold creation.

The next day, as destiny would have it, I was called in to sub for the same after-care program.  Once again Raphael walked in, got some snack, and began drawing trophies.  And once again he said to me, “Ms. Starborn, you should make a trophy for yourself.”

I didn’t say anything at first, but didn’t try to run away this time, either.   Somehow I knew I just had to do this…and some part of my heart, deep down, was longing to clear away heavy boxes of self-judgment, and open the door to an unabashed expression of self-love.  

 “Ok,” I said finally.  Slowly I sat down at the art table, and began studying a blank page in front of me.

Like a true teacher, Raphael saw that I looked a little “stuck,” and came over to offer his support.  “Look, Ms. Starborn, I’ll show you how to make a trophy.  Just do what I do.”

He sat down beside me and demonstrated, step by step, how to make the outline of a trophy, as he made another one for himself.  I carefully followed along on my own paper.  Then we go to the part I was nervous about—writing the words on the trophy, claiming that this trophy that I was making wasn’t for anyone else but me. 

“Write `Ms. Starborn Award’,” Raphael dictated.  “It’s the award for being you.”

For a moment I hesitated, wondering what the other teacher in the room would think, and knowing full well what my critical voice would think.  And then I heard my heart calling me forward, calling me to accept this opportunity as a golden key that would unlock the door to self-love.  Slowly, deliberately, I wrote, “Ms. Starborn Award” on the trophy, and then added the explanation “For being me.” 

“Good job, Ms. Starborn!” exclaimed Raphael.

My heart practically melted, to receive this heartfelt and wise cheer-leading from a seven-year-old boy…and to receive, at last, my own cheer-leading from myself, reflected back to me in red magic-marker letters whooping for joy on my trophy.

Raphael invited me to keep following along and to imitate the decorations he was putting on his trophy, but I realized I was ready now to “do my own thing.”

“Thanks, Raphael,” I said.  “I got it now. “

In that moment, I let go of worrying about the potential judgments of other adults, and I let go of worrying about the potential judgments in my own head.  I even let go of keeping myself in the prison of “not perfect.”  Instead, freed by the magic of a sage young artist, I opened my heart wide to a creative expression of love for my unique existence.   With joy, I drew hearts, stars, and a big smiley-face on my trophy, and then colored the background a shiny gold.

That night I placed my trophy on my altar, where it still stands today.   In the midst of some sacred objects that are holding space for life dreams that are yet to come to fulfillment, this trophy gives me permission to celebrate now…and to celebrate the most important person in my life, ME.

I may not be “there yet” in terms of manifesting all my intentions, creating all that I desire to create in this lifetime.  In the past I have judged myself as “running behind” on my rather extraordinary visions, and have given myself a “tardy slip,” rather than acknowledge how far I’ve come….and who I am.  Yet now, each time I look at this trophy, I remember to love myself, just for being me… to claim that I am enough, regardless of any external benchmark…and to trust—and enjoy–the creative process.

Raphael definitely came into my life at the perfect time, with just the angelic message I needed to hear.  And I affirm now that whenever you are reading this, dear reader, it is the perfect time for you.

Whatever is going on for you in this moment, whatever old stories are cycling through your head and your heart, I invite you to make a trophy for yourself right now…just for being you.

If you need any help getting started, just call on Archangel Raphael to sit down beside you, and show you the way.

© Cynthia Starborn  2014