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Announcing the “birth” of 365 Life Shifts!

Co-authored by Cynthia Starborn

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood….”

I have always loved the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Less Traveled By.”   It brings back memories of running cross-country races as a teen and hoping, every time I came to a “fork in the road,” that I took the correct path.  In one of my first races ever, a one-mile “fun run” that I ran at age 13 in a local park, I took the lead early on, missed a trail marker, and led almost the entire pack of kids—including some five-and-six year olds—down a path that wound up being twice as long as expected.   Through some sort of amazing serendipity, I somehow wound up crossing the finish line at just the same time as two girls who had walked the entire one-mile loop—the only ones to go the right way because they were so far behind me, they hadn’t seen me turn off on the wrong path!  Somehow the whole experience hit my funny bone just right, and I had a good laugh about it…once I caught my breath.

Later in life, coming to “forks in the road” sometimes felt more daunting.   Unlike in the cross-country races I’d run as a teen, in everyday adult life there weren’t always race maps to study ahead of time, or trail markers to look for once the race began.   Moreover, the consequences of making a wrong turn often felt bigger than just running an extra mile with a lot of little kids behind me.

One such “fork in the road” appeared one fateful night, the spring of my second year in a graduate program in French.  Feeling frustrated and burnt out, I stared long and hard at two different paths that my life could take—and ultimately, by opting for what felt like “the road less traveled by,” I changed my life in a happy way.

To learn more, I encourage you to read my story, “Choosing to Follow My Heart,” which was just published today in the anthology, 365 Life Shifts.

Coming to an unexpected “forks in the road” can be challenging for all of us.  However, I offer you my story, and those of my co-authors of 365 Life Shifts, to support you on your own inspirational path.  May our words bless you, uplift you, and  inspire you to always follow your heart and to always choose “the road less traveled by.”


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2 Responses to “365 Life Shifts”

  1. Dan Teck Says:

    So beautifully expressed, Cynthia! I love how you tie in the Frost poem with your childhood experience (and also the humorous experience of how following the leader doesn’t always lead you down the best path!) as well as your adult experience. Yes, seemingly small decisions can lead to big shifts. I’m so glad that you’re happy with the outcome of the shift you describe, and I’m so glad you’re sharing your wise words with so many! <3

  2. Cynthia Starborn Says:

    Thanks so much, Dan, for your kind and supportive response!

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