Love is marching forward…and Love always wins

LoveAlwaysWinsDear Soul Friends,

How is 2017 starting out for you?

For many of us here in the US, and around the world,

the current political scene is challenging us to the core.

We must remember that true self-government begins with our power

to inaugurate Love or fear into our hearts in any moment.

And we must affirm, as a law for our reality, that “Love always wins!”

May we allow Love to triumph in all of our moment-to-moment choices.

May we connect with other resonant souls in our communities, our nations, our world.

And together, may we take inspired action to support the co-creation of a world where

“Love always wins!”

Today, many women and men around the world–along with many children and youth–

are marching for the rights of all people.

In this way–and in so many other ways that might not always make the news–

Love IS marching forward.

However you feel called to spend your day, may you affirm, with each step,

“Love always wins!”

Together on the journey,

Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide and Teacher

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