365 Moments of Grace: “Divine Timing”

Blog Post by Cynthia Starborn

July 21, 2016

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As a child, life seemed to unfold on a smooth schedule: new pencils and new school clothes in September, yellow school bus every weekday morning and afternoon, church and Sunday School every weekend, report cards and grade-level promotions in June, long summers filled with the magic of books.

As I grew older, I was sometimes surprised when life events did not always occur so predictably.  Break-ups, births and deaths in the family—these had not been penciled in neatly on the calendar beforehand.

That said, sometimes the unexpected timing of life events brought unexpected gifts.   I found this out in my early 20’s when a teaching job I expected to have in France in September was suddenly cancelled in July.   I grieved deeply; however, my dream of teaching in France ultimately worked out, in a way and at a time that was much better than before.

I describe this serendipitous experience in the story, “Divine Timing: An Unexpected Gift of Grace,” which was published a month ago, on June 21st , in the anthology 365 Moments of Grace. What’s even more serendipitous is that at the time of this book’s publication, I was living out the message of my story once again.

Earlier this year, at the end of January, I received a letter from my landlady announcing that my rent would nearly double as of April 1. I began searching for other apartments, but had a challenging time finding another place that met my needs and felt just right.   When I prayed for guidance on what to do, I received the message to offer to pay my landlady a “compromise rent” for 3 more months, in order to buy myself some more time to look for a new home. I acted upon this message and was able to negotiate staying in my apartment til June 30th.

As of June 1st I still had not found a new place to live; however, acting upon the power of my intuition, I gave my 30-day notice.   As of June 21st, when 365 Moments of Grace was published, I was still searching. A part of me was feeling nervous; however, I told myself that everything would work out in “divine timing,“ just like my story said.

On June 24th, my copies of 365 Moments of Grace arrived from Amazon. I opened up immediately to pp. 272-3—the pages just after my story on p. 270. On p. 272, I read Ana Gordon’s story, “Archangel Michael and the Hand of Grace,” about an experience of divine intervention that led her to full-time work as an intuitive and to daily connection with the archangels (http://www.dakiniswisdom.com). Right away, I knew that I was being given a message to trust my intuition and to trust that the angels were working on my behalf to help me find a home. Then, on p. 273, I read Marie Spencer-Rowland’s story, “The Universe Really Does Listen,” about suddenly finding an apartment in the U.K. after several weeks of searching (http://www.mariespencerrowland.com). What an incredible sign for me, that my divine right home was on its way!

On June 26th, I responded to an ad for an in-law apartment that caught my eye on Craigslist. On June 27th, I went to see this apartment, had a good feeling about it, and submitted an application.   On June 28th, two days before I was scheduled to move out, the landlords invited me to sign a lease for the apartment, and I did.

What a gift of divine timing! And, what a gift of grace, to walk through the theme of my story the same month it was published—and to experience the timely inspiration of my fellow co-authors as well.

365 Moments of Grace is definitely a powerful book, filled with living wisdom that readers can open up to at just the perfect time for their journey.

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May every moment of our lives be aligned with “divine timing”…

and with the gift of grace. Namaste.


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