The Gift of Play on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

I always enjoy the irony of having a national holiday that celebrates work, by not working!  And yet what if enjoyed our life’s calling so much,  that our work was like child’s play?

When I am deeply relaxed and present, everything I do–whether teaching a class, writing, meeting with a client, or connecting with friends and family–becomes a joyful expression of Spirit flowing through me.  Like a child playing with a rubber ducky, I can even find some bubbly joy while doing the dishes!

Of course, I’m not encouraging you to spend all day doing the dishes, or to book yourself so solidly with outer activities that you have no time for a cup of tea.  But whatever your plans for today, let’s join together in starting a new labor movement of joy, where we commit to having fun whatever we do!


Our children will be grateful to us for modeling that

growing up

and going to work,

doesn’t have to mean giving up on play.


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Have a FUN Labor Day…and may every day of labor be FUN!


Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide and Teacher


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