Dear Soul Friends,

hands_holding_the_earth_picture_165318Today, on Earth Day, may we celebrate all the abundance on this planet.  May we celebrate the abundance of flowers blooming and of birds chirping.  May we honor the abundance of waves in the ocean, and of grains of sand on the beach.  May we delight in the abundance of children’s laughter on a playground, and in the abundance of Love in a loved one’s embrace.


butterfly_on_a_rose_196573It takes courage and conviction to celebrate abundance at a time when many outer signs of scarcity, lack, and challenge seem to be present in our earthly environment.   Yet as creator beings, the more we focus on the vibration of abundance, and notice signs of it, the more abundance we will magnetize to us.  Let us remember that, by the Law of Attraction, we are co-creating the New Earth with our every vibration, thought, word, and action.  May we always choose to co-create  our world from Love and Abundance.

mom_and_baby_boy_in_park_208181If you have children in your life, I invite you to give them an extra hug today.  Many of our children are acutely sensitive to, and worried about, today’s environmental challenges.  Teach the children in your life about the power they have to focus on abundance, so that more of what they truly desire appears in their world, and in this New Earth that we are co-creating together.


magic wand goldenRegardless of whether or not you have children in your outer life, I invite you to give your “inner child” an extra hug today.    A part of you may have feared that your inner child’s joy and magic didn’t work on this planet…but if you stay connected to the vibration of magic, you will see and experience an abundance of miracles here.


May you enjoy infinite beauty and abundance, now and always.  Happy Earth Day!


Cynthia Starborn

Soul Guide and Teacher



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2 Responses to “HAPPY EARTH DAY 2015!”

  1. Kenneth Says:

    We should be grateful and give thanks to the Earth every day, for if the Earth was not here, where would we be?

  2. Cynthia Starborn Says:

    Thank you for encouraging gratitude to the Earth! While the soul exists beyond time and space, and thus can exist in other dimensions as well, still we are blessed to be here on Earth right now!

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