Valentine’s Day 2015: “100 Messages of Love”


© 2015 By Cynthia Starborn

Yesterday, while visiting a local school, I climbed a staircase where the walls had been decorated with one hundred positive messages, in honor of the 100th Day of School. With joy, I feasted on a cornucopia of nourishing messages, such as:

“You can do it!”

“You are a super star!”

“I love you.”

“You are the best friend ever.”

“I like it when you smile.”

In an instance of true serendipity, my visit on February 13th coincided with the 100th Day of School, with classroom Valentine’s Day parties, and with Self-Love Day, a global day of celebration founded by Christine Arylo and devoted to loving ourselves.

The students who wrote these one hundred messages were certainly expressing the essence of Love. And I found it perfect that they chose to decorate a staircase with their loving words, for in order to rise into a new level of expansion and learning in our lives, we often must rise into a new level of loving ourselves.

When I got home, I felt inspired to decorate my home with one hundred positive messages, too. At first, I thought it might take a long time to write that many; however, the words easily flowed into well over a hundred affirmations, and I realized I was going to have to get creative about where to put them all.

I am delighting now at finding loving words everywhere I look in my home: on the walls, on the furniture, on my altar, even on the outside of tea boxes and storage containers. This brings an element of magic to daily life, as well as an easy way to receive inspiration anytime a challenge arises.

Beloved readers, I encourage all of you to do this uplifting exercise in your home, office, school, or other sacred space. If you have kids, get them involved, and include pictures, too! Allow yourself and your loved ones to experience the transformative power of seeing a hundred (or more!) positive messages, over and over, each day.

May Love be everywhere we look. May Love be all that we see, all that we hear, and all that we are. And may we love ourselves and one another, each and every day. Namaste.


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Star-023CYNTHIA STARBORN is an intuitive soul guide and teacher and a channel for the children. Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, Cynthia offers transformative classes, events, and private consultations to help you and your children tap into your unique genius and shine.

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